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The journey of Antakya extending from prehistoric to today includes many cultures. Antakya's approach to the city of civilizations originates not only from today but also because it has hosted many different cultures in the past; Hatay State under the name of the Roman and Ottoman periods then declared its independence, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's Republic of Turkey also participated with large contributions. The welcoming attitude that Antakya has internalized against cultures for centuries has inspired the foundation of Antioch Art Gallery.



Antioch Art Gallery aims to spread the art of Antakya from local to general; It aims to provide a bridge opportunity for art to reach everywhere it can reach by traveling from Antakya.



Antioch Antioch Art Gallery's vision of art culture to strengthen its position by moving the top row of the art in Turkey.



He was born in Antakya and completed his high school education at Osman Ötken Anatolian High School in Antakya. Then he entered Istanbul University Physics Department, published his short story, cinema research studies in various magazines and media through his interest in art, and also interested in theater, writing plays and scripts. In 2013, he left the Department of Physics in the final year. He worked as an Operations Manager in Gallery Artist . Subsequently, he worked as an Art Consultant within Gallery Miz. During this period, he graduated from Haliç University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. He was the founder of the private clinic 'Good and Healthfull Diet' in 2018 and the first professional gallery of Antakya 'Antioch Art Gallery' in 2019.

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