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Genco Gülan


1999-2001    M.A. Media Studies, New School University, New York, USA.


2010 – 2021 Mimar Sinan Academy, Istanbul TR.
Department of Museum Studies, Part Time Instructor,

2008 - 2016  Bogazici University, Istanbul TR.
Department of Western Languages and Literatures, Part Time Instructor

2001- 2010   Yeditepe University, , Istanbul TR.
Department of Communication, Full Time Instructor



2019               New Experiments in Sculpture, Milliyet Sanat magazine, Istanbul, TR
2015               Master Award. Ege Art of Ege University, Izmir TR.
2005               Best project Award. 18th EMAF, within Personal Cinema collective,  Osnabrüeck, Germany.
1993               Young Artists Award, British Petroleum, Istanbul, TR.   


Selected Bibliography:

2019               Hasan Bülen Kahraman, Genco Gulan Sculptures & Ancient Future/ Genco Gülan Heykelleri ve Antik                        Gelecek. Revolver, Proof Print. ISBN 978-3-95763-437-5

2013               Genco Gülan, ‘Portrait of the Artist as the Young Man: (After James Joyce)’ . CreateSpace, USA. ISBN-                        13: 978-1481942423

2011               Dr. Marcus Graf, ‘Genco Gulan: Conceptual Colors’, Gallery Artist Istanbul and Revolver Berlin                                    Publications. ISBN: 978-9944-0160-4-9


Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2017/ 04         ‘Ancient Future, Kadir Has University Art Gallery, Cibali Istanbul.
2015/ 11         ‘Contrails’, Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn New York, USA.
2014/ 03         ‘Android’, Archeology Museum, Antalya, TR.
2012/ 01        ‘Ich bin ein Museum’, Galeri Artist Berlin Germany.
2011/ 04        ‘Future Archeology’, Painting and Sculpture Museum, Izmir TR.
2010/ 03        ‘Most Expensive Paintings of the World’, Daire Sanat, Istanbul TR.
2010/ 02        ‘Surname’, Gallery Artist, Berlin, Germany.
2009/12         ‘Je Suis une Musee’, Painting and Sculpture Museum, Ankara TR.
2008/ 12        ‘Orientalist’, Artda Gallery, Seul, Korea.
2008/ 10       ‘I love You’, Foto Galerija Lang,  Zagreb, Croatia.
2008/ 02        ‘Orientalist’, Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery, Ankara, TR.
2007/ 04        ‘Dream/ Fall’ PG Art Gallery, Bebek, Istanbul, TR.
2003/ 10        ‘Daily Mythologies’, National Gallery, Beyoglu, Istanbul, TR.
2002/ 11        ‘Copy’, Apartment Project, Tunel, Istanbul, TR.
1998/ 11        ‘Art Museum’, Yapi Kredi Bank Art Gallery, Izmir, TR.
1997/ 11        ‘Feel Yourself at Home’, Raum für Kunst, Graz, Austria.
1996/ 10        ‘Re-Construction’, Ataturk Cultural Center, Taksim, Istanbul, TR.
1994/ 05        ‘Goz-el’, Sinangil Flour Factory, Kasimpasa, Istanbul, TR.      



Selected Group Exhibitions:

2019/ 02        ‘Contemporary Art form Turkey’ Academy of Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2015/ 11        ‘Side Effect’ Tettix Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2015/ 08        Videograma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bogotá, Colombia.
2015/ 07        ‘Stay With Me‘, Museums Weserburg, Bremen; Germany.
2015/ 06        ‘Auto-Chemistry’, The Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn New York, USA.
2014/ 10        ‘Art and Madness’, Cultural Center, Athens, Greece.
2014/ 09        ‘Stars: Sguardi sonori’. Museo Pietro Canonica, Rome, Italy.
2013/ 10        ‘Beam me up!’ Robotarium Space, Lx Factory, Lisbon, Portugal
2012/ 09        ‘Places of memory – Fields of vision’ SMCA, Thessaloniki, Greece
2011/ 10        ‘Regeneration.011’,  Plato Art Space, Istanbul TR
2010               RELIEF VALVE/ Subap, Oberlin College and Conservatory, Ohio, USA.
2010/ 04        ‘Chaotic Metamorphosis’, Proje4L / Elgiz Museum, Istanbul TR.
2009/ 02        ‘Güncel Sanat’, Zeit Raumexit, Mannheim, Germany.
2008/ 06      ‘Save As’, Triennale Bovisa, Milano, Italy.
2007/ 11        ‘Balkan Art’, Revolution Museum, Novi Sad, Serbia.
2007/ 06        ‘Dialogues Mediterranean’, Citadel, Saint Tropez, France.
2007               ‘Pocket Fim Festival’, Center Pompidou, Paris, France.
2007               ‘OVERTURES’, Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul TR.
2006/ 10        ‘Beautiful’, Siemens Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR.
2005/ 10        ‘Where It was, shall I Be...’, Keciburcu, Diyarbakir, TR.
2005/ 09        ‘Art in the Age of New Technologies’, ACCEA, Yerevan Armenia.
2005/ 07        ‘Prog: me Festival’, Cultural Center Telemar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2004/ 04        ‘Call Me Istanbul, TR.’, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.
2004/ 02        ‘The Making of Balkan Wars’, Media Lab Madrid, Spain.
2003/ 09        ‘La Isle Speciale’, Museum of Modern Art, Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2000/ 09        ‘Mediaterra’, Fournos Center, Athens, Greece.
2000/ 06        ‘Game Show’, Here Arts Center, New York, USA.
2000/ 05        ‘Jon Turk: Export Revolution’ 450 Broadway Gallery, New York, USA.
1996/ 05        ‘The Other’ in the context of Habitat, Antrepo, Istanbul, TR.
1990/ 11         ‘Young Talents’, National Gallery, Beyoglu, Istanbul, TR.    

                      Conferences, Lectures, Workshops:
2015               Artist Talk, Soho House, Istanbul and New York
2013                TedX Moda Conference, Kadir Has University, Istanbul.
2008              Artist Talk. Incheon University. Incheon, Korea.
2007               Artist Talk. Davenport College, Yale University, New Haven USA
2007               Artist Talk. MFA Computer Art, School of Visual Arts, New York,  USA
2005               Artist Talk: Cultural Center Telemar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2004               Workshop on virtual Performance, Koln University, Koln, Germany.
2001               Artist Talk. New York,  Institute of Technology, New York, USA.


2015               The Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn, New York.
2005               Banff Center, Banff, Canada.
2002               Gumusluk Academy, Bodrum, TR


Thomas J. Watson Library,
The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York.
Deutscshe National Bibliotek, Germany
SALT, Karakoy Istanbul, TR


Public Art:
2016 Left Click, marble cursor. 100 x 200cn. At the locations; Arnavutkoy, Ortakoy, Levent districts of Besiktas, Istanbul TR


Baksi Museum, Bayburt, TR.
Besiktas Municipality Art Collection, Istanbul TR.
British Petroleum, Istanbul, TR.
Davis Museum, Barcelona, Spain.
Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul, TR.
Kabakci Collection, Istanbul TR
Imago Mundi Turkey, Luciano Benetton Collection Italy      
Istanbul Modern, Istanbul TR
Novak Collection, Paris France.
Museum Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany
Ozil Collection, Istanbul TR. at the New Museum, New York, USA
Soho House, Istanbul TR.
State Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, Greece
Taviloglu Collection, Istanbul TR

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