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Dicle Çiftçi

He was born in 1989. He lives in Izmir.



2009-2015 İzmir Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department


2 020 Stream, Online Exclusive Exhibition, Hub Design
2020 Echo, Online Exclusive exhibition, Hub Design
2020 Remote View, Are Project, Antalya

2019 Contemporary Istanbul, Gallery / Miz
2018 "Unreasonable" Exhibition Gallery / Miz
2018 Mixed Exhibition, Gallery A, Izmir
2018 Contemporary Istanbul
2018 "A New World" METU Art, Ankara
2018 "Damp / Rutubet" Solo Exhibition, Büyükdere35, Istanbul
2017 "Watch Yourself" Designed by Tomtom Street, Istanbul
2017 "Tactical Stance" Cermodern, Ankara
2017 Group Exhibition, Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris
2017 "Vernissage" Corrado Cordone Art Gallery, Paris
2017 "Gender" Workshop, İzmir
2017 "World Art Day Group Exhibition" Adnan Saygun Art Center, Izmir
2016 Mamut Art Project, Istanbul
2016 “Norm” Publisher, İzmir
2016 “360 Degree Love Festival” Pera Palace Jumeriah, Istanbul
2015 "From Day to Night" 360, Istanbul
2014 “Surface / Demolition” Soyer Art Center, İzmir
2013 “İşbank Young Artists Group Exhibition” İş Bankası Gallery, İzmir
2013 “New Memory of Art” University of Economics, İzmir
2013 “The Last Taste of Love” Pera Palace Hotel, Istanbul
2012 "Young Artists Group Exhibition" Alaçatı Gallery, İzmir
2012 “Turgut Pura Foundation Mixed Exhibition” Atatürk Cultural Center, İzmir
2011 "Image \ Himself" Group Exhibition, Koridor Gallery, Izmir

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